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This website archives the research, print materials and publications of the North American Alliance for Fair Employment. It also lists the network's former members and staff people.

Strategy & Working Papers

NAFFE's research and strategy papers connect contingent work with its impact on the well-being of workers in general. The papers start from the practical struggles and innovations of working people in confronting bad jobs, the labor market and challenging institutions like the US and Canadian immigration regimes. The topics range from the organizing of workers' centers, to legislative strategies, to the World Social Forum process.

Member Organizations & Research Centers

NAFFE grew rapidly to involve 65 US and Canadian organizations organized into Action Groups focusing on different types of contingent work: Temp and Day Labor, Contingent Faculty, and Technology & Professional Work.

News & Comment, the NAFFE Newsletter

The first issue of News & Comment summarized its ambitions: "We hope to produce several issues each month. Our goal is to summarize important news, and to report on significant activities of NAFFE and its members. News & Comment will appear in hard copy and electronically." It also appealed to member organizations: "But, we need your help. Tell us what kind of news you want included. Send us stories or comments.

NAFFE Coordinators, Staff & Researchers

Founded by Jason Pramas and Tim Costello, the network staff grew to include 4 network coordinators, Tim Costello, Kim Foltz, Suren Moodliar, and Brendan Smith. Much of NAFFE's research and organizing was also carried out by Reem Assil, Lauren Meehan, Erica George, Gail Nicholson, Jason Pramas, Rachel Running, and Carlha Vickers.

NAFFE in the media

This entry will link to select articles about NAFFE.

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