The North American Alliance for Fair Employment (NAAFE) operated from 1997 - 2005. It was a network of organizations concerned about the rise of contingent work--i.e. bad jobs including temp work, day labor, outsourcing, subcontracting--and its impact on working people as a whole. The issues and member organizations remain. However the network office and staff transitioned their work and merged with Mass. Global Action (MGA), itself a merger of NAFFE founding organization, the Campaign on Contingent Work, and the Mass. Anti-Corporate Clearinghouse. MGA's coordinators may be contacted via e-mail [address is i n f o <-at-> massglobalaction <-dot-> org]. Unfortunately, MGA's obligations to NAFFE are necessarily constained by economic circumstances to maintaining NAFFE materials and the websites associated with the Campus Action Group (in particular, Campus Equity Week and Reclaiming the Ivory Tower). MGA is organizing the workers center but its focus is limited to Boston. Any urgent matters can be resolved by calling 617-482-6300. The mailing address: 33 Harrison Ave, e5, 5th flr, Boston, MA 02111.

Built by Mass. Global Action, this site is dedicated to the memory of Tim Costello, 1945-2009.

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Mission Statement The North American Alliance For Fair Employment (NAFFE) is an alliance of organizations across a broad range of constituencies affected by problems associated with nonstandard work, such as part-time, temporary and contract employment. We stand for equal treatment (pay, benefits and protections under the law) regardless of employment status. Our work is part of the broader fight to ensure that working people have the right and opportunity to provide for themselves, their families and their communities.

Structure NAFFE has a 13-person steering committee representing the broad diversity of organizations and individuals involved in this work. The organization has a number of working groups. These include temp work, message/media/public education, policy, prison labor, immigration, health and safety, research/analysis, and organizing (overcoming divisions among low-wage workers).

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